Wk11 Storytelling: Dhai Mai’s Storytelling

“Come here… Sit Panchaali” Dhai Mai pats her legs which were plump and covered in an intricate designed sari that Panchaali thought sparkled like emeralds. “Dhai, what is today’s story? Are you going to tell how father fought all those wars?” sticking out her tongue and scrunching up her face in an unladylike manner. Panchaali… Continue reading Wk11 Storytelling: Dhai Mai’s Storytelling

Wk 11 (Pt B) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

Divakaruni really stunned me with the inclusion of Draupadi’s (aka Panchaali) sibling. Mainly, because I was under the impression Indian society frowned upon sex changes and being stuck in a different body (men stuck in women’s body and vice-versa). This inspired me to tell the story of Sikhandi and the struggled to be who he/she… Continue reading Wk 11 (Pt B) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions