Wk15: Reading

The Doctor Knows What’s Up, Source: Rebloggy

* What readings did you like best? I couldn’t choose one if I tried. I have to admit that it took me reading the Palace of Illusions to appreciate The Mahabharata, but other than that I thought they were both fantastic and entertaining reading!

 * What reading diary strategies were most effective for you? The strategy that was most effective with me is keeping a notebook handy whenever I came across something in the book I was reading. I would write down ideas and suggestions, it really helped me when I went back to construct something out of nothing. I didn’t do that at the beginning of the class and I’m saddened that I didn’t because maybe I would of had more ideas!

 * What did you think of the overall balance between reading – writing – commenting in the class assignments? I thought it was a rather good balance even though it was hard, at times, for me to keep up. Then again, I did it to myself for choosing to do this class with my Study in Depth course. Once I got a system though, I was able to work around my work and other class schedule it just took a long time to find that balance.

  * As you look back from the end of the semester, what advice about the reading do you have for students who will be getting started next semester? Take your book with you wherever you go! I know as college students you are juggling so much right now. Work, other class work, friends, activities and etc. Whenever you have just a smidgen of spare time to read your stories that way you won’t become overwhelmed! Also, it’s also a lot less overwhelming if use the professor’s reading guidelines. It shows you how many chapters you need to read for the first reading diary. 


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