Wk 14 (Pt H) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

What a pretty ending to the story, even though I have questions that need to be answered. I fear I did not understand the ending as well as I would have liked to. I have high hopes someone reads this and answers these questions, for me:

  1. Did Panchaali finally find love or realized that she had love the entire time?
  2. Was the love that she found/had was that of Khrishna? Was this a brother sister kind of love?
  3. What being was she? Was she a god? I think I recall my past research that she was a deity (reincarnation of a god…
  4. Who is Sisupal? I don’t recall reading about this person at all..

I’m left with so many questions. These questions do not shield the fact that it was a
beautiful conclusion. Also, I’m still saddened by Panchaali (her circumstances and so on). Even to the end her husbands (with the exception of Bheema) whom s

Book Feels, Source: Book Lovers Lane

he literally sacrificed everything for did not show her an ounce of love (outwardly). Only Bheema did so and I admired him greatly for being fearless with his emotions. It as something the others were sorely lacking.

The only story I could think of is in her last
moments her husbands overwhelmed with grief come to Panchaali’s side to be with her in her final moment, despite the consequences. Those consequences will then be abolished because the brothers finally put someone else ahead of themselves. They finally put their destiny on the back-burner for the love of another. I like the idea and I think it would show a lot of emotional depth to the male characters, which we know from reading about them they don’t seem to have much of.

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