Wk 14 (Pt G) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

As we all know towards the end of all books it gets harder and harder to find something to really draw from. Something that really strikes creativity and makes you want to rewrite that part of the story. That seems to be the case with Palace of Illusions even with many heartbreaking moments that had me holding back a massive, tear filled break down. It didn’t leave much to play with in the way of inspiration or creativity, I think I was just overwhelmed with the sheer heartbreak Panchaali faces. For some reason, hit me more than reading The Mahabharata, I think its because the author seems to disconnect the readers at this point in the time (I hope that makes some sort of sense).

Palace of Illusions, Source Parichay Swarup

Dammit, though,
I will get my happy ending if  I have to create it myself. That is where I based my ideas for a story.

I was really struck by the Eklavya and the sacrifice he made to the please the individual he worships (I mean…come on he hacked off his own finger! Gross…) What if Eklavya did become the famous warrior surpassing Arjuna. What would his destiny have been? What if he sought vengeance after he realized that Drona did it with bad intentions? All these questions lends itself to a story that must be told. One of the very few moments it did towards the end of this story.

Oh! Her sons…It was all I could do to keep it together so I could finish. I want them all to live! I want Dhri to live. I have become so desperate for them to be living again that bringing them back from the dead seems to be the only option. Seems to be the only way I and Panchaali (well everyone) can have their happy ending.


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