Wk13 Storytelling: Hands of Fate

1st part of story->Fountain of Destiny


Hands of Fate is a continuation of Fountain of Destiny.

As the god seated around the fountain of destiny, they understood what Panchaali had to do. Even though Vishnu had already reigned on the uniting of Panchaali and Khrishna, they knew that the two destined for greater things would not be truly happy unless they were to be forgiven for the betrayal of their hearts. Parvati, stood as the lavender sari flowed behind her, as if the wind was blowing it. She walked gracefully over to Vishna’s

Fountain of Destiny, Source: Harry Potter Wikipedia

side a hand with elegant henna designs on the back her hands she peered over and with a tear in her eye. She let that tear drop, which landed in the fountain and let her part in the shaping of Panchaali and Khrishna’s fate was sealed as the fountain made a thunderous sound and turned grey and dull as this moment in their life will come.

“Do not worry yourself Parvati”, looking at her eyes of distress. “You will make their love stronger, they will conquer their greatest fears that lie within the heart of Panchaali. Looking back down at the fountain they both watched as the next events unfolded.

She was as blind to the actions of others as she was blind to what her own heart’s desire. She walks into the great hall of her beloved Palace of Illusions and seated before her was her five wondrous husbands.

“My darling husband, I have come to pay my respects to you all for your treatment and loving support you have always shown me. I also must come with some news that will surely cause you to think differently of me. I have prayed to the gods that this is not the case, that you will understand a woman’s heart and what I must do.”

Yudhisthir held up his hand to silence Panchaali as his brothers looked on in indifference and silence.
“Panchaali, you are our wife. Do you not know that a husband knows where his wife heart truly lies? We have known you have always loved Khrishna and we also prayed to the gods that you would no betray the very trust that is so holy in a marriage. We were wrong, you not only betrayed what it is to be a woman, but you have betrayed us and made a plan of departure from your kingdom. With this we want nothing more to do with you.”

Her eyes a light with shock Panchaali did the only thing she knew how to and that was plead her case. “Please hear me husbands, when I say this was not my intention. I did not know till I almost lost him. I cannot fathom the idea of being without him, you must understand. You must understand that my heart cannot belong to five.” Panchaali looked at Arjuna with desperation. “Surely you understand my dearest Arjuna, surely you understand that it is not possible to love five as they deserve.”

Looking away from her, he did not dare to admit that he understood. He never wanted to share Panchaali, but Kunti made sure he had no choice. Oh, he definitely understood, but could that excuse the betrayal? It could not.

Yudhisthir, looked at Arjuna as he stood in silence and back at Panchaali and he knew what he must do to protect his reputation. “For what you have done, you shall be exiled for fifteen years, separated from Khrishna and after fifteen years if your heart still aches for another you will be exiled another fifteen. Now go, start your penance.”

Looking at her husbands in disgust. She held her head up with determination and pride. “I will never forgive you.”

Having found herself distraught, Parvati stood in silence. Understanding the words Vishnu had said did not ease the pain she had caused.

Kali rose from her marbled seat and her various arms were sprayed out, her tongue sticking out, she took an intake of breath and sucked up the fountain of destiny’s water and spit it back out in flames, igniting the fountain water red.

“Now it’s time for the fire within her to burn”, letting out a loud laugh Kali stood and watched the next few moments unfold. Ubeknowist to Kali and her malevolent intentions, Vishna had dabbed the water, with his fingertip bestowing a gift of visions to Panchaali (which was very unheard of, especially for a woman).

15 years later.

He searched for so many years for the love of his life and he had feared the worst on many occasions. Khrishna new, despite what they had done, that the Pandavas would never harm Panchaali. They knew the wrath of Khrishna could be far worse than any war. He went through many tests and passed them all. The countless visions of monsters attacking

Khrishna & Panchaali, Source: Raksha Bhandan

Panchaali and Panchaali fighting them off with every fiber of her being and succeeding only after gaining a few more scars on her once beautiful face. Khrishna knew of what she now looked like and he did not care. He only cared about holding her in his arms and telling her that she is now safe and far from harm. Most of all he ached to tell her that he had made a deal with the Pandavas a deal that could seal their fate together.

The water turned purple, which caused Kali, to blaze hotter but she sat in silence and let the events unfold.

Tossing and turning in her bed, made out of straw and leaves, she could not stop dreaming of Khrishna. His face, his voice, his infuriating charming smile she couldn’t stop and it made her ache from the tip top of her head to the bottom of her toes. She saw him come into a clearing and out of her fury, vengeful heart she saw herself plunge a sharpened spear through his heart.

Sitting upright, her face covered in sweat, her hands clammy. She looked around at her disheveled hovel she called a home and screamed out of anger, out of pain. Her visions were becoming more vivid and it tore her in two.

An hour or so had past and Panchaali was regathering leaves and so on to make her bed. When she heard a rustling in the trees and looked out warily. She was expected to be attacked, yet again, and was so shocked by what she saw appear out of the trees she dropped her findings on the forest floor.


Khrishna came out of the wooded area and looked at Panchaali, despite her hair being matted and her faced scarred she was still the most beautiful woman he had ever set eyes on. He wanted to hold her and tell her that he could finally be together, but she ran forward quickly grabbing a spear on the ground, she ran toward him ready to kill the man she fought for so long ago.


Surely this is not Khrishna, she thought. Khrishna cannot see her or she will be further exiled another 15 years! How dare a demon take form of the only man she loved how dare he! With a motion as quick as lightening Panchaali ran toward him grabbing a spear cleverly hidden underneath brush.

Parvati put her hand in Vishnu’s and together they placed it into the bowl of destiny and caused the water to turn a beautiful pink. As they did this Lakshmi and Shiva rose from

Hands of Fate, Source: Unknown

their seat and joined them by the fountain and joined hands and they too placed it into the fountain causing it to become brighter. The four hands of fate  (covered in henna) coming together to change the course Panchaali and Khrishna’s fate. Kali, always have been and always will be consumed by anger set in silence as she knew that her place in this turn of fate has been forever cemented as the one who tried to deter fate. The on that caused the Pandavas to go against the very fabric of who they are.

Coming forward he reached out and grabbed the spear as it pointed at his heart.

“The stick-it scared you in your dreams, it may have even hurt you. But look—in trying to burn you, it’s consuming itself. That’s what happens to a heart—.” With these words the spear disintegrated in his hands as Panchaali looked at him, knowing deep down in her heart this was truly her Khrishna. She began to weep at the longing and need for him she had endured for so long.

“My heart has turned cold, could you ever love a cold heart?”, tears flowing down her face she let him come closer to her and took in a deep breath as he wiped away her tears.

“I could never love anyone else Panchaali and we will never be a part.” Placing his forehead on hers, so close to each other they melted into one another she took in a deep breath.

“The exile. I have to go another 15 years…” said Panchaali.

“No, you don’t. The Pandavas has seen both of us suffer long enough and wish to not deter fate any longer. They fear they have angered the gods and with that fear we will be together forever.”

“Together forever?” said Panchaali.

“Forever..” said Khrishna as he bent down and kissed her on the lips.

Author’s Note: I went over the acceptable limit of the story. I just had so much I wanted to include, so much I wanted to say. I felt like I could just keep writing forever and I apologize for that. I wanted to start off by saying that a lot of what happened between the Khrishna and Panchaali did not happen in The Palace of Illusions, but it had the potential to and that’s what I found so frustrating. So far, the only happiness Panchaali has had has included Khrishna and I wanted to expand on that and create a love story (something I haven’t done before). I decided to use a quote (its the one that talks about the stick) in the story because it is a great metaphor for how Panchaali feels at that moment. I also included visions that is gifted to Panchaali during the war sequence and instead of having Vysara give her that gift I let it be Vishnu. I did this simply to connect it to the previous story. I also wanted to change up the talk of destiny/fate that is such a big part of Palace of Illusions. I wanted Panchaali’s happiness to be the center of attention because she sorely lacks it in the book. The part of with the Pandavas is a recreation of the moment in Dhri’s palace were Panchaali is humiliated, but instead of being humiliated in front of everyone she is shamed by her husbands. Oh, before I forget. The joining of hands by the four gods symbolizes the epic love stories that happened between the characters.Rama aka Vishnu w/ Lakishimi aka Sita, Parvati w/Shiva. The order is no important, the epic love story is because it symbolizes the love between Khrishna and Panchaali. I hope that makes sense…

Bibliography:“Palace of Illusions”,2008 by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

3 thoughts on “Wk13 Storytelling: Hands of Fate

  1. Jessica, what a great story you wrote! I am pretty disappointed that I’m just now getting to your blog page at Week 13. This story was a good expansion on Khrishna and Panchaali’s grand love story. Although you did write a lot, I was hooked the whole time. You did a great job of tying in your first story, too. Awesome job!!


  2. Hello Jessica,
    I enjoyed reading your retell story of “Hands in Fate.” It was nice that you expanded on Khrishna and Panchaali’s love story. It was a great idea to expand on because we did not get to read a lot about that. In addition, it was great how you connected the stories together. Thanks for sharing. Hope to read more of your blogs.


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