Wk 13 (Pt F) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

As you may know, from the last reading diary, I already had a story (or a continuation of a story) that I wanted to write. So, going into this weeks reading I made it my goal to take some of the more tender and loving moments in the story and change them to an interaction between Khrishna and Panchaali. This idea was not without very large roadblocks, especially in Part F. In this part of story the war was starting to begin and Vyasa gave Panchaali the gift of the foresight (she was the first woman to ever get to see the important moments of the battle as it happens). Also, in this part of the story Panchaali is consumed by vengeance that heavily alters her appearance to others.  I found this particularly difficult, being such a Panchaali cheerleader throughout this course it was hard to see her become the exact opposite of what she has been. I know I have written a story somewhat along the same lines, but Divakaruni was able to really hit it home in her book.

Palace of Illusions, Source: Nikita Garg

I’m bringing all this up because I have added a slew of new notes that could be added to the sequel I’m trying to create. I believe a lot of what has happened, thus far, in the story could easily happen in my own. It would just take a massive amount of re-telling, so much so, I’m going to have difficulty in explaining all the changes in my author’s note. It’s going to be rather hard to give/explain the changes if they haven’t read the book. I’m determined, though, and I hope that helps me.


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