Wk 13 (Pt E) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

I frantically searched The Palace of Illusions to find anything I could mold into the story I did for week 12 and I was left with many notes. I wanted to continue on the path of telling the love story of Panchaali and Khrishna, but it became considerably hard for this weeks reading. Why, you may ask? In this part of the reading Khrishna had made it a big thing about basically friend zoning Panchaali (I have high hopes that will change).

Palace of Illusions, Source: a.apsara23)

The most crucial moment in The Palace of Illusions is the part where Panchaali is humiliated and told to strip in the sabha (hall). It is revealed that the words of Khrishna is what saved Panchaali from revealing her body to the Duroyodhana and his brothers. I think that is something that could really push the destiny part. I have a slew of notes and ideas that I wrote down and I’m not 100% sure i want to reveal all the ideas that I have for their relationship. I want it to be memorable, but I want the hands of fate/destiny really to hit hard in the second half. (Oo, Hands of Fate would be a good title). I feel that to keep you guessing what their future I must not reveal all my ideas in this weeks reading diaries.

There are affectionate moments between both characters something that is sorely lacking in the relationships and I hope to play into that affection and understanding.


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