Wk12 Storytelling: Fountain of Destiny

The Fountain of Destiny is the part of two-part story. 2nd Part of story.

The place was shiny, not in the sense that it sparkled and blinded you when you looked at it. It was shiny in the sense that the white marble that covered the walls floor, benches made it clean and new, made it rich a illustrious. It was something out of Greek mythology and in the center of this palace of marble was a large round pedestal, with the brightest

The Fountain of Destiny, Source: Eleusinian Mysteries

blue water in it  going around counter clockwise as flashes of faces were shown. Surrounding this beautiful fountain was six long marble benches with two people seated on each. All of them with detailed and beautiful clothing, all lined with gold each with a rich color all their own (one had a ruby colored, another had emerald. All deep colors all beautiful) All of them peering over in the fountain, watching as the blur of faces come into  focus and disappear. Suddenly the spinning started to slow down and the scene before them begin to play out slowly.

I saw Khrishna his blade drawn and suddenly with emotion I never knew I had I was scared for him. What were these feelings, why was I scared for my greatest confident. Then I realized that I could live without Karna, I could live without my five husbands, but I cannot live without Khrishna. My best friend, my confidant, my stability. As quickly as these thoughts entered my mind I was overcome with a blinding fear as a man came forward blade drawn to stab Khrishna. This man was not as quick as he was and before I could even think about what had happened Khrishna had spun around his outfit twirling around he came behind the man and chopped off his head. As the chaos in the room grew quiet my only concern was Khrishna. With this knew knowledge about myself and my feelings I ran down the steps and to Khrishna giving him a hug.

“I don’t know what I would do if I lost you”, I looked in his eyes a love I never felt coming through my eyes. 

“Don’t let your husbands here that I could get into a lot of trouble”, flashing a dazzling smile I knew I was hooked.

As the blue water became steady and the images went away the men set up straight and looked at each other. They were all thinking the same thing, but only one had the courage to voice it out loud.

“It looks as if destiny has begun earlier than expected”, said Lakshmi concern all over her face. She knew the hands of fate had a large part in the future of these two people. Maybe more so then anyone else because fate had a large part in her destiny as well.

“It must be the wonderments of Panchaali’s heart. She yearns for passion and love. Destiny is simply answering her prayers earlier because she has found what she always knew she had, but was to self-involved to realize she had it the whole time.” Shiva looked around at the others as they shook their heads in agreement.

“The only thing we can do is place are hands in the bowl of destiny and change the upcoming events..The seed has been planted and we must make it grow.” With these words Vishnu rises from his seat his elegance preceded him as he walked toward the bowl of destiny and stuck his finger inside. Swirling it until it became pink he watched 5 years pass on Earth and his hand cause different events that lead to the moment that was playing before them. They all leaned forward as the events unfolded.

“What shall we do? We cannot leave the Palace of Illusions, there is a war to be fought! Think of your friends, think of your charges! We cannot Khrishna, we simply cannot!” his grip on her arm gently, his eyes was full of desperation and an overabundance of love.

“Panchaali, I want to be with you! I  have always wanted to be with you! Can’t you see that!

Khrishna & Panchaali, Source: Vivek Kumar

 After the countless advice and seeking you out on every occasion, always wanting to be with you. We must go now, we must finally be together. I cannot take the tearing of my heart no more.”, he
loved her. He loved her more than life itself and he would do anything to make sure she was happy to make sure she got what she deserved you. Looking back at Panchaali he saw the same longing in her, the same sadness.

Sliding her arm down till her hand was in his she moved closer to Khrishna and cupped his face in her free hand. “I love you Khrishna, but is this what we should do..I must have a sign to know this is the right choice. I love my husbands, but my heart is not full. My heart is full only when I’m with you and I must know that I won’t tear them in two if I leave.”

Vishna looked up from the bowl of destiny at the seated Parvati and shook his head, with a slap of hands a rain of sunflowers fell on top of Khrishna and Panchaali’s head.

“The goods have spoken Khrishna! The gods have spoken”, she looked up at the flowers surrounding her and Khrishna and she knew that they the Pandavas would be alright that the Gods had a larger plan for her. Her and her Khrishna.


Author’s Note: I want to say first and foremost I picked random Gods, there was no rhyme or reason why I chose them. I just wanted a big gathering of them in one area. So, please don’t read into it. Please, please. 🙂  I know a lot of you guys are probably saying Khrishna and Panchaali (Draupadi)!? What?! NOOO!! Rest assure that there is something special happening between Khrishna and Panchaali in The Palace of Illusions. What? I do not know yet and that’s why I left it at to be continued. As the book progresses next week I’m in high hopes that the relationship between both characters will be further explored which will give me an opportunity to insert that exploration in my writing. The story was inspired by a scene in Palace of Illusions when Panchaali tell’s Khrishna her true feelings (which plays out a lot like the part in the blue). I fell head over heels then for the couple. Which made me feel that I could really play into the love and romance that Panchaali has desperately sought out in the story (so far). The reasoning behind the meeting of the Gods and the destiny talk is because throughout the story Panchaali’s destiny is almost always discussed and I wanted to really change her destiny into something completely different. I wanted Draupadi to find her happy ending, and make her own choice (but being who she is she still needs reassurance it’s the right one).

Bibliography:“Palace of Illusions”,2008 by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.

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