Wk12 Tech Tip:Goodreads Widget Box

Click Customize then Sidebar.

god rama with hanuman 003


Type in Goodreads, widget should pop up.


After this a box will show up that says Title, numeric Id and shelf. Your numeric id is the number on your Goodreads profile that shows up in your search bar (it’s the only number that appears. Copy and Paste that in the numeric id and push save. Wala! Your finished!





2 thoughts on “Wk12 Tech Tip:Goodreads Widget Box

  1. Aha, sorry I am blowing up your tech tips today. I just am trying to decide which of the two I am going to implement on my blog. I am leaning toward this one, after what I said in the last comment on week 12 tech tip. I think I might have a Goodreads account. I guess I’ll find out when i go to add it to my blog! Thank you for the screen caps. It will help me out a lot!


  2. Hi Jessica!
    I love your blog page layout! The colors and setup are vibrant and different than other blogs I have been visiting. The fonts and images are nice. I chose to read this post because I have not put any widgets on my blog this semester. I like what you have added to yours and I just wanted to see how you did it. It looks really nice.


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