Wk13 Tech Tip:How to get Social Link on WordPress

I forgot to write a tech tip for week 11 and since i’m adding another social link on my site for week 12 I thought I would go ahead and do that. Considering I missed the deadline it had to be under week 13 (woo that’s a mouthful) what I added was the P (stands for Pinterest).

Creating a social link on WordPress is one of the easiest things a new and seasoned blogger can do.

The first thing you need to do is click on Customize which is normally located on the bottom right part of your screen. DO NOT SCROLL DOWN because the link will disappear. After clicking Customize you will have a panel show up on the left side of your screen. The second thing you need to do is click Widgets then Sidebar. After this a long list of widget options will appear don’t be deterred by the list, just click Social Media Options (which is the very first option). This is where you can link any social media website you may have (or at least WordPress’s version of the best ones). All you have to do is find your Username and Copy/Paste. Lastly, push Save! DON’T FORGET TO CHECK IF THE LINK WORKS AFTER YOU GET OUT OF CUSTOMIZE!



One thought on “Wk13 Tech Tip:How to get Social Link on WordPress

  1. Hi 🙂 I have such a blog crush on your blog! I would totally add a twitter to mine, but I’m a bit mouthy on mine at times and I’m sure not many people want to hear me on my soapbox. BUT, I might just for the hell of it. I do love your Goodreads list though! I’m glad you’re sharing how to do it. I get so lazy to look up instructions that I spend more time being stubborn, messing up and then fixing it than googling instructions. Crazy, I know.


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