Wk 12 (Pt D) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

I about had a coronary when Panchaali told Khrishna her true feelings. That wasn’t what I expected and never once thought of. Especially since I have always been a starch support of Arjuna since The Mahabharata. I couldn’t keep my hopeless romantic side from taking over.Which is one of reasons why I was considering making a love story centered around both characters. I have yet to write a love story and I think it would be new and different territory for me.

I was thinking of something along the lines that they Gods had a different plan/destiny than they told Khrishna. The story would center around the concept of destiny because destiny that has a prime place in The Palace of Illusions.


Palace of Illusions, Source:Indian Homemaker

Maybe the Gods could all be surrounded around this elaborately decorated bowl of water that shows what is happening between Panchaali, her husbands and Khrishna. They then go on to discuss the destiny of both Panchaali and Khrishna. How they are more connected than they have been deceived to believe and so on. Maybe I could also play in
to the having just one husband concept I came up with in Reading Diary Part C.

Sadly, I got so wrapped in the book that I didn’t even think of making a story out of anything else. So now I’m limited to my usual three choices instead of four. I guess that’s what I get for getting lost in the world of Illusions.


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