Wk 12 (Pt C) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

Oh, I about died on page 103. The moment between Arjuna and Panchaali made me love Arjuna even more. A part of me wishes after this moment that Arjuna was the only one Panchaali ended up with. I have always found it slightly disturbing she was not given an option of having one or five husbands.

The Palace of Illusions, Source: Raj Thandhi

The idea of making the marriage between Arjuna and Panchaali the ONLY marriage has stuck with me even as I continued to read for this week. Which left me with a question that I feel I could answer in a story. The question is, What if Arjuna stood up against his brother and Kunti?  In all likelihood death would happen to Arjuna and Panchaali or some weird twist of fate an innocent bystander would be killed.

I wouldn’t want that to happen so I thought of making it to where they become exiled.

Basically, I want to give the characters a voice at a point which they do not have one.

I never found Kunti to be 100% unpleasant or evil in The Mahabharata, but so far in The Palace of Illusions she is painted in a different light. I think that this character development could give me the opportunity to dive into pure evil individual. What if Kunti’s manipulation was the cause of the tragedy Panchaali faces at a later point in her life? What if that was Kunti’s mission?  It lends itself to a lot of questions that could really be expanded on in a story.


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