Wk 11 (Pt A) Reading Diary: Palace of Illusions

Even though its just the beginning of the story. I was able to come up with two relatively good ideas. I’m sure as I read further on there will be more to share with you. First and foremost, I have to say reading a story from Panchaali’s (point-of-view) has really pleased me greatly. I was a big advocate (still am) of the feminism and bravery Draupadi embodies

The Palace of Illusions, Source: K.Mala Gutierrez

in The Mahabharata and I’m happy to read that the author saw that and further expanded on it. Draupadi (Panchaali) is a complex and intriguing character and she definitely deserves for her story to be told. Now, on to the ideas that I came up with.

The very first page (of the very first chapter) Panchaali’s nurse, Dhai Mai, tells her the story of how Panchaali and her brother were born out of fire. I really liked the idea of having Dhai Mai tell another story to Panchaali that will inspire to not only stand by her husbands, but to men who commit an unspeakable crime towards the princess. Another idea came from when Panchaali convinces Dhai Mai to take her to the sage to ask questions about her future. I thought instead of giving her a depressing outlook on what her life is to come. I could write something completely different that would emphasize the relationship between Dhai Mai and Panchaali. I found their relationship to be intriguing and unique to Palace of Illusions. So, to really expand on that relationship is something I could really work with when writing my story this week.


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