Wk10 Storytelling: The Wise Fruit Tree


I have been trekking through the forest for hours, to find something that I was missing. I had no idea what it was, who it was, or why I was doing it. I just knew something was missing within me, occupied by something dark and sinister. I only remember the demon coming towards me then I blacked out, now I feel like my heart is telling me to find what I need to survive and my head is telling me that I do not deserve what I seek. Did Kali entire my body when he ran towards me full of wrath and destruction in its eyes. Are we one in the same now?

I don’t know…I don’t know… I’m so confused.


I walked through a large brush area pushing aside branches and leaves stepping into a beautiful opening. There was marigolds, sunflowers, daises and every flower you could think of, and two oddly shaped rocks on either side of a rocky pathway. As if signifying there is another person who is supposed to be there, enjoying this beautiful place with me. The rocky pathway leads to an intertwined tree with golden oranges and ruby red apples dangling from its branches.

The Wise Fruit Tree, Source: Spitenmalice

“Come hither, come dither. I have the answers you seek.

I know…I know.. I know what you want to know.

I answer…I answer.. only with the fruit.

Ask your questions wisely, as wisely as the moon”                                                                                                            I have seen some odd things in my life, but nothing came off more than odd then this tree, this holy tree. With its curved trunk of different colors and beautiful long branches. It had a beautiful glow about it. A knowing all tree, that’s what it was.

“Please, please help me.. I search and I search for something my heart is telling me I need, but my head is saying leave it be, tell me what do I seek.”

Plunk! Suddenly a ruby red apple fell to the ground. Picking the fruit up, I read the cursive handwriting out loud.

“What you seek, is a beautiful lotus a beloved if you will.”

 Thinking, wandering about who or what could be a lotus a beloved. I can’t remember I couldn’t remember!

“Beloveded with lotus eyes, there is no beloveded with lotus eyes.”

th (2)
The Non-Nonsense Golden Orange, Source: Dreamstime.com

Plunk! A golden orange fell and hit me in the head!

“What was that for!?”

Plunk! Another apple from the tree, and instinctively I shielded my head. I swore I heard a laugh from the tree. Seeing as Nowadays I can’t distinguish anything correctly, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was my imagination. Peering down, the apples writing was facing me and looked at it in disbelief as I again read it out loud.

“Beloveded is not a word…”

Okay, I deserved that.. I suppose, but seriously now I’m getting annoyed.

“Where do I find the beloved? Where in this vast forest could I possibly find

Knowing All Apples, Source: The Fruit Company

what I’m looking for?”

Plunk! Red apple flew across barely missing my face, with a sudden movement I dodge the apple. I turned around and peered down at the bruised fruit.

“Go left, go left..”

“Well that’s not vague, left to where? There are so many lefts in the forest?”

Standing up, ready to run or block falling oranges. I was poised to defend myself anyway necessary, but looking up I noticed that it wasn’t one single orange but dozens rather large ones. Without a second thought I ran left deep into the dark forest.


I walked for a month, losing hope and cursing the wise tree. Surely, the tree got it wrong? Then one day I walked up to a gate with exquisite details of elephants and Gods. Unaware that I had the image of Kali, I looked up as a  an arrow pierced my heart, with a loud thud I fell to the ground. I thought surely this is the end of a long, perilous journey.

I heard  the door open, a loud creaking sound echoed throughout the land. Footsteps making there way toward me I let out a loud scream and saw a black smoke exit my body.

I guess Kali had possessed me that day.

Exhausted and weak. I saw her bend down and peer at me, with wide lotus eyes. The one that I had been looking for, my Damayanti. She was as beautiful as I remember.

I grabbed her hand and squeezed it the best I could.

“My Damayanti I have searched for you, longed for you. Even through my haze I loved you dearly….I do not want to die my Damayanti..”

“My precious Nala…you will not die. You will live.”


Author’s Note: In the story of Nala and Damayanti, Nala stumbles upon a tree while walking through the forest. A tree that spews wise words and helps dispel Kali from his body, therefore causing him to seek out Damayanti again. I decided that I loved the wise tree so much, I would draw some inspiration from Pocahontas’s grandmother tree (if you remember in the movie the tree was funny and extremely wise). I wanted to play on really having the tree give answers in a unique way that will bring some sort of humor to the situation. I wanted to show some of the longing that Nala had for Damayanti, even though in the story he really doesn’t know he abandoned her, there is a certain amount of need to be together for the characters (if that make sense). Also, the memory loss plays into Nala being complete unaware of his actions because of Kali. Overall, I just wanted to show a different aspect to a long journey. P.S. I wanted to show Nala’s point of view, thoughts and etc. (the colored words are the tree talking out loud, the italic words are Nala’s thoughts). There is a lot of symbolization with the tree description and the area in which the tree is located. It’s shows two characters coming together as one.

Bibliography:“Indian Myth and Legend: Nala and Damayanti” by Donald A. Mackenzie. Reading Part B




One thought on “Wk10 Storytelling: The Wise Fruit Tree

  1. Hello Jessica,
    I enjoyed reading your retell story of a wise tree. I liked the idea of how you gave importance to the tree and described it deeply. Another think I liked the most was how you included Nala’s point of view in the story. I am looking forward to read more of your blogs. Thanks for sharing. Great story, Jessica.


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