Wk 10 (Pt D) Reading Diary: Nala and Damayanti

Now, the story of Nala and Damayanti has come to an end, all the wrong that was put against both of them is cleared. Also, they have very thoughtfully been reunited. I love my happy endings, but this seems to be lacking for me.

Don’t get me wrong, these two characters deserve all the happiness they could get, but after the excitement that in earlier chapters (and the inspirations that followed it) found myself feel like ehh it was an okay ending. I think I’m just partial to the excitement that comes with these stories that “normal” happy endings just seem out of place.

Saying all this and completely coming off as judgmental, there was moments that I thought I could create a story.  When Nala hears the message from Damayanti he responds by saying;

“In the excess of her sorrow a noble woman will compose herself and remain constant, and so win heaven by her virtues. She is protect

Change of Character Path, Source: Luci Salles

ed by the breastplate of her chastity, and will suffer no harm. Nor will she yield to anger, although she be deserted by her lord, whose robe the birds have taken away, leaving him in sore distress. She will not be moved to wrath against her husband, the sorrow-stricken and famine wasted, who hath been bereft of his kingdom and despoiled of happiness.”

What if this was all to happen, what if the very thing that caused Damayanti so much anguish changed her very virtue and chastity? What would become of Nala then, what would come of Damayanti? Those questions would be amazing to explore and open up the possibilities of a different direction the story could have gone.


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