Wk9 Storytelling: Serpents

Slither, Slither.

The serpent makes its way through the dark woods.

Slither, Slither.

It moves it scaly skin across the damp ground, the fog shielding people’s view of what surrounds them.

The Serpent “N”, Source: Ketka-DeviantArt

What a beautiful creature she was, so voluptuous and shiny, she just looked good enough to eat, oh how I would like to wrap my body around her, and squeeze. What a good feast.

A hiss of the tongue, the serpents eye flashed gold, making its way forward. Stalking, preying, wanting.

It was long, and reached 33 feet, had a yellow tint to its otherwise charcoal looking skin, far away it looked like it could transform colors. Up close, it was an awful color. A color that signified death.

Oh, she looks good enough to eat.

Having curved its back it slithered to its full height, and stuck out its fangs as long as a human finger. The serpent moved a little forward seeing the shocked expression in the women’s face, it wrapped its body around her, until only her eyes shown.

What beautiful eyes to eat with you my dear.

A muffled scream resounded in the woods. Bouncing off the trees, making the squirrels scurry up the tree with fear. It’s as the muffled scream cause the woods to react to her predicament, so to give the message to a savior.

As the serpent squeezed a little tighter and Damayanti let out a yelp of pain in response, the serpent opened its mouth wide ready to let go and swallow her hole.

Hiisss, mine….

Suddenly a man jumped out of the trees, arrow in hand, adorned with the finest fabrics and gaudy jewelry. He shot the arrow hitting the serpent in the eye. Having let Damayanti go, out of pain, it recoiled and let out a weak hiss of hunger and utter disappointment.

“Why thank you oh noble warrior, I surely did not think I would survive. What an evil being, what a cruel way to die on my journey to find my Nala.”, a sudden twinkle in her bright eyes of mischievousness, evil intentions, and hunger.

“It is my utmost pleasure to serve and protect such a beautiful creature as yourself”, the huntsman looked Damayanti up and down. Her scantily clad dress, leaving nothing to imagination. He could imagine much else then what he wished to do with her at this very moment.

Hisss, mine…

“Quiet you ungodly creature of the devil, or your despicable life shall be ended.”, the huntsman looked back at the beautiful woman. He didn’t know what the serpent was saying, or his true meaning behind it. All he knew is it wasn’t pleasant, and no such unpleasantness should be in front of such a woman.

“What beautiful figure you have”, lust filled eyes overpowering his senses. He felt as if he was under a spell that could not stop him from wanting her to himself.

Damayanti, Source: WallpaperUp

“What better to eat you with, my dear”, and with a sudden moment the beautiful women turned into a very large black snake with glowing red eyes, letting out a large hiss, she bent down and devoured the huntsman whole. His body sliding down her throat it was a gruesome sight for anyone that anyone nearby would ever see.

As quickly as she became a snake, she was once again human and looked down at the injured serpent.

“It is safe my love.”

With those few words the injured serpent formed into her beloved Nala, the man she claimed to have been searching for.

“You lied you said that he would be my meal”

“He just looked to good not to eat” letting out a low hiss. She grinned benevolent at her husband, and her husband’s eyes flashed from normal to slits.

Author’s Note: The Idea for Serpents came from the story of Nala and Damayanti. In the story, Damayanti is attacked by a serpent that attempts to wrap its body around her. Before the creature could do so a huntsman shows up and kills the serpent. After the death of the serpent the huntsman has unclean and extremely bad thoughts about Damayanti (partially because she lost the majority of her clothing during her husband’s gambling game). When these “unclean” thoughts happen, the huntsman is killed leaving Damayanti to continue on her path to find her husband Nala (who was possessed by a demon). I really found inspiration in the story and I couldn’t help but connect to Snow White with the Seven Dwarfs, probably because it says huntsman. Then I thought, why not pay homage to children’s tales, so out of sheer chance the Red Riding Hood took a central role in the interaction between all the characters. Which is why seem familiar to some of you guys/girls. I also really wanted you to know something was fishy about the serpent at the beginning and that’s why I gave a glimpse into the creatures’ thoughts. Anyone know has read my stories knows that I liked to do an unexpected twist to my story, and what is more unexpected then the person that is needing to be saved is not Damayanti, but the huntsman. I wanted to further that twisting of the story telling by making the main characters in the story I’m reading to be viscous and hungry (Hunger plays a part in the first half of the story) for food, but of the human kind.

Bibliography:“Indian Myth and Legend: Nala and Damayanti” by Donald A. Mackenzie. Reading Part B

2 thoughts on “Wk9 Storytelling: Serpents

  1. Hi Jessica,

    It was very creative how you connected this story with Snow White. It was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up. I also noticed the subtle hints of Red Riding Hood when reading. I am very impressed with how you intertwined so many stories. It read beautifully and I think the way you broke up the paragraphs made it easier to read, too.


  2. Wow Jessica, what a great story! I like the way you wrote the other lines in red to show a different speaker. That added a lot of interest to the story. I love the background on your page, it is really fun and lively. I did not read the original story, so I am unaware of the changes you made except for the parts you told us about in the author’s note. But I thought I was picking up on little red riding hood and tones of the jungle book with the big snake. Thanks so much for sharing this gem!


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