Wk 9 (Pt B) Reading Diary: Nala and Damayanti

Damayanti and the Serpent, Source: Indian Tale

When I started reading Part 2 of Nala and Damayanti I was really excited, because the story really began to pick up pace and therefore it was easier for me to come up with ideas.

There are tons of little things that happens in this point of the story that could really be played with. A few words that inspired me to come up with a story. For instance, there is a point in the story that Nala committed and unclean act (which was not washing his feet before prayer). I thought this was a really great moment in the story because this causes Nala to be possessed with a demon. What a great idea it would be to change the time frame of the story where it has been modernized and the unclean is something completely different, and then the demon could possess him. I like the idea of Amityville Horror, haunted house, moment for the modernized version.

There were also moments in the story that can lead itself to be a fun loving. Not so serious and dramatic like a lot of Indian epics. The transformation of the dice to birds gave me the idea of them creating havoc. The dice are a big part of the story but also The Mahabharata, what if those dice could transform to different things within other stories causes havoc and pain. Why could this because considered fun loving? It gives the ability to cause problems that give humorous results to various people.

Then there were parts of the story that reminded me of fairy-tales. When a serpent wraps around Damayanti a huntsman saves her, then the huntsman was destroyed for oogling Damayanti. What if this was the case for Snow White. I would like to transform this story into something closely resembling the fairy-tale. Only, the Huntsman wasn’t killed by the evil queen, but instead of snow white and her pet serpent (SURPRISE). Okay, I’m really excited by this. I’ll probably go with this one.





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