Wk 9 (Pt A) Reading Diary: Nala and Damayanti

Damayanti and the Choosing of Husband, Source:Wikipedia

I was incredibly excited when I saw the list of books (and etc) we could read for this week. So much so, that I have already a few books set for future reading. I stumbled upon the suggestion of Nala and Damayanti after having to niche the Palace of Illusions due to the price it was to buy on my phone. Even though I really wanted to read the Palace of Illusions I decided to wait at a later time. That doesn’t mean I’m any less excited about the story I chose. I just need something more convenient and cheap to take with me to work so I can read.


I already came up with some wonderful ideas to create a story. The first idea has to do with the gifts given to Nala. I like the idea of creating a story that has to do with the powers. Give Nala a instance to use all his powers to save Damayanti, or possibly modernizing it a bit and let it be a slew of gifts given to a person that made no sense at first, but at a later time he uses them to solve a problem (that means they will be random, maybe even silly. Another idea has to do with Damayanti trying to find out which one is Nala in the middle of all the Gods. What if Nala got it wrong, and was then made to marry a celestial being only to go against them and see Nala behind their back? Then what would happen? I would really like to play off the idea of making this relationship almost impossible to come out as a happy ending (if that makes any sense).

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