Wk8: Reading Plans

So Many Books, So Little Time, Source: Pretty Vintage

I really like the idea of looking Beyond Epics. I have already read the story of Shiva, Uma and Sati. So, I would still really love to explore the Epics more in depth because I find their stories fascinating. I would like the same set-up as the earlier weeks were I do one half on one day and the other the next day. I was able to read and really think about the story I wanted to write. It also gives the opportunity to really enjoy and understand each half of the story. I’m hoping to finish at least one story each week, but I don’t know if it will be possible because some of the stories may be longer.


3 thoughts on “Wk8: Reading Plans

  1. Hi Jessica, I wasn’t quite sure if you were saying you wanted to do the epics in the second half of the semester, or if you wanted to explore the other options that go beyond the epics. The idea for this assignment was to pick out some specific things to read so that after Spring Break you’ll have some reading to start with. Have you picked out something in particular that you will be reading in Week 9? It’s a good idea to do that now, and then when you come back after Spring Break you will be ready to go!


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