Wk8: Blog Ideas

My first idea is inspired by: Christina H. I really loved the idea of having the photos visible to the readers before clicking the link. It really draws the readers in instantly, instead of mine. Mine determines how well my opening line is.

My second idea is inspired by: Chelsey Zerby. I really think the simplistic nature of her blog, along with the colors and the way her photos get posted on her page are very neat and orderly. I think mine lacks the organization and looks chaotic.I would like to make it more neat like hers, more put together.

My last idea is inspired by: Kayla Crego. I have liked this blog since the beginning of class. I’m absolutely in love with the paint splattered background and the creative cursive font. It has inspired me on numerous occasions to really strive for creativity in my own blog.


One thought on “Wk8: Blog Ideas

  1. Hi again!

    Thank you for being inspired by my blog. For some reason, the original coding for the images when you click on the post squishes them. It’s my goal to fix it. I’ve been trying for ages to tinker with the coding and figure out why it is doing that. Luckily, I think I’ve googled enough to figure it out and plan to fix it soon! I love the way your blog is set up. It’s colorful but it doesn’t distract me from your posts.


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