Wk8: Time Strategies

Damn you Julie Andrews, Source: Master Procrastinator

My start day for assignments is Monday and I don’t always start on that day. It depends on my work schedule and well life. I always try to give myself one day of complete relaxation. So, that means I sacrifice a day of doing homework for watching TV and just laying around. Which I find is really great for charging some of my mental and physical batteries (even though I still feel completely exhausted-I don’t really ever feel like I have a free day).

Possible New Plan:

  • Reading 1-Wed. & Thurs. (If its longer I will read what I can and finish the rest at a later time)
  • Storytelling- Wed. & Thurs.
  • Project-Sun.
  • Project Feedback- Sat. or Sun. (depends on if project is required to comment)
  • Blog Comments-Friday

My time strategies for school or usually slow and steady wins the race. I try to do a little every day so I’m not to overwhelmed. If the assignments are easy for me they usually get done as quickly as possible. If there harder (or take more time) I set aside time to do them. I work 3-11pm most nights an some nights (most) i’m to tired to do homework, but i trudge through and try to get up early or finish it within an hour span, like i said depends on the complexity. I really don’t have a set schedule at the moment (for this class) because this class I just do what I can, when I can. I’m currently in the process of doing my SID and I haven’t started the second half (will start my next ten pages, maybe even finish!) during Spring break. I have been trying to do ten pages a month schedule, but Feb. being a short month put a damper on that, so I’m going to be making up for lost time. Free week from Indian Epics gives me the opportunity to research and read for my SID! Hopefully, I can finish that way I can have my full focus on completing this course!


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