Wk7 Storytelling: Modon the Silly

A Frustrated Modon, Source: Modon

“The Gods has nothing on me.” said a proud Modon.

“The trials and tribulations I had to endure to get those two together is something of the records books. Gevana and Jolen was one of the most difficult couple I..” placing his hand over his heart in a condescending way. “…have ever put together”.

“Hush you, it wasn’t that difficult!” Jeza was the same as Modon, she could take love, she could give love. Most of all, she was less prideful and humbler her accomplishments.

“It does nothing to dwell on your accomplishments, because karma will come back ten-fold, remember that.” She grinned at Modon, knowing exactly what his next assignment was.

“HA! You are a fool Jeza, nothing could ever deter me from being the best giver of love.”

Shaking her head, while rolling her eyes. Jeza couldn’t believe the vanity of this man, and she secretly hoped their boss was not lying about dishing out the hardest assignment yet to Modon.

Looking up, both Modon and Jeza got up quickly and bowed to Durin, the leader of their pack of love givers. Durin dished out the targets and gave them tidbits of information to help them in achieving great love.

“Please do not stand for me, you know how I do not like to be raised up as if I’m Lord Vishna.”, again the exact opposite of Modon (who secretly wanted to be put on that very pedestal, so high up that he laughs and mock the people below him).

“You may sit and take solace in the fact that both of you accomplished great things with your charges, and now I must ask a favor, a grand favor of one of you. One that will allow you riches, appreciation, and a place in the heavens. A charge most difficult and of great importance is in need of our loving arrow…”

Having both seated, Modon was already wiggling on his seat with excitement, as Jeza looked on, biting her lip from laughing. The way Durin was trying to make it sound like it was less difficult assignment than it really was, was causing her to go into a fit of giggles that she tried hard to stifle.

“…he has been blinded by the loss of his previous wife, and has not opened his eyes to the reincarnation of her, and for them to be truly happy they must…”

Before he could even finish Modon jumped up and said “I’ll do it!”, eager he was completely unaware that the two people were none other than Shiva and Uma (reincarnation of Sati). Also, he was further unaware of the special circumstances in which he was to do his job.


It had been months since the realization of who his charges was. It had been months of near hits and deflected arrows. No matter what Modon tried to do he could not hit Shiva.. and Uma was already hit by the love arrow.  He even tried whispering in the ear of the God of the love that Uma had for him, and nothing could penetrate his deep mediation. Often times he would stomp away out of frustration or push Shiva over to get some sort of reaction. All Shiva did was fall over like he was stone.

Having taken a seat on the edge of a log, he let out an exasperated sigh and dropped his arrow to the ground, sitting there he contemplated everything and realized that this was his penance. A job never to be finished a love that will never happen.

Then as if there was a magic spell that had gone over Shiva. Shiva opened his eyes and frantically looked around for Uma.

“Uma, where is my Uma?!”

Having been startled Modon’s legs flew in the air as he fell backwards, letting out a grunt, he looked over at the now standing Shiva. At this moment Uma ran into the arms of the man she had longed for, for so long.

“HOW?!” thrown for a loop, tired, frustrated, and completed defeated. Durin appeared beside him looking down at the once “great” cupid.

“All you had to do was stand aside and wait for Uma to come back from her trip, then shoot the arrow at Shiva… What have you been doing this entire time?!”

“She has been here…I saw her three times and still my arrows did not work on her, my words still did not pierce his veil of mediation”.

Having come back around from the tree, in which Shiva was meditating Jeza had shot Shiva with the arrow as soon as he saw Uma, laughing at the sight of Modon she walks over and looks down at him to.

“Modon, you are silly boy. That was not Uma you kept trying to hit that was me, and Uma had already been hit by the arrow!”

“That was not you…that was Uma…Durin said Uma would wear a long robe of white silk…”

Putting his hand up, not letting Modon finish Durin was shaking his head.

“That is not true Modon, I simply said he was blinded by the loss of his previous wife, you took the job and before I knew it you were gone, then I sent Jeza to do the job, fore she was willing to listen… and I found it unnecessary to correct your foolish endeavor to shoot Jeza with the arrow…”

“But why?”, said Modon.

“Because I simply found it to entertaining to watch”, letting out a loud boisterous laugh.

Author’s Note: I ran out of time before I could do exactly what I wanted to do with this story. Don’t you just love work on Storytelling days? Anyways, the general concept is that Modon is this very self-absorbed cupid, Durin is his boss that hands out charges and jobs. While Jeza is the no-nonsense and humble cupid. Then there is the impossible task of trying to get Uma and Shiva together, which falls on the all too eager Modon, who has let his self-absorption get in the way of getting the assignment correct, which leads Durin to send Jeza in replacement. Which leads to Modon getting frustrated and feeling defeated because his arrows won’t work on who he perceives to be Uma (but is actually Jeza) or Shiva. Durin does nothing to stop this as he found humor in seeing the impossible task that Modon has caused himself. The intention of the story was to derive some humor out of not only Modon but out of Shiva’s situation and what I really wanted to do (but ran out of time) was have Modon be taught a lesson of humility and in a round-about way I still accomplished that, but just not like I originally planned.

Bibliography:“Cradle Tales of Hinduism” by Sister Nivedita. Sister Nivedita


One thought on “Wk7 Storytelling: Modon the Silly

  1. From your very first sentence, “The Gods has nothing on me.” I wanted to keep reading. This is so important in writing to create a hook and you have nailed it! Your title “Modon the Silly” was catchy too! I am so glad that we are required to provide Author’s Notes in this class; they really do add so much to other people’s stories – to be able to see what the author intended! I really enjoyed your story.


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