Wk 7 (Pt B) Reading Diary: Cradle Tales of Hinduism

Cradle Tales, Source: Hinduism

I have to say the Cradle Tales by Sister Nivedita were a lot easier for me to understand then Myths of Hindus & Buddhists. I’m not sure why I had so much difficulty in finding stories to tell or understanding the first half of the required reading (I’ll chalk it up to being tired and suffering writers block). I found that there is a lot of ways I could go, with storytelling this week.
1) I like the part in The Cradle Tales were Modon is asked to shoot the heart of Shiva (or Siva), so he can move on from Uma and see/fall in love with Uma (her reincarnated form). It reminded me a lot of cupid and I wonder if cupid was derived from this story. Anyways, I think there is really amazing potential with Modon. For instance, what if Uma was disheartened by Shiva not seeing who she was/loving her and closes herself off to love. This causes her father to call on Modon to help her daughter find her true love and not only awaken her heart, but his (Shiva). The story leading up to that point would be different, it would have to be a serious reason why Uma closes off. Oooh, I’m excited. I wander if this could work for my Storybook Project?

2) The relationship of Sati and her father is a pretty tumultuous one. I would not only like to explore that relationship, but the relationship with him and Shiva.  I understand somewhat of the disdain he had for Shiva, it just seemed like his reaction was rather severe. He may not be this wealthy God that has riches (and so on), but he is an extremely powerful and capable of great and terrible things. Maybe I can have Sati’s father react out of fear, after witnessing Shiva at his cruelest. Possibly, the death of his own wife? (I know she’s not dead, but she could be…even though I weirdly like the fact he was given a goat head).

3)Speaking of goat head and elephant head. What if every character was an animal that signifies the character’s traits/personality? In the first part of The Cradle Tales, it goes into great detail about Shiva and he could be easily given an animal head. Same for Sati and Uma, and so on. I think this would really play into giving more details about the characters and making it a unique read.

Cradle Tales of Hinduism, Source: Sister Nivedita


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