Wk 7 (Pt A) Reading Diary: Myths of Hindus and Buddhists

Myths, Source: Hindus & Buddhists

I was left baffled at this story by Sister Nivedita, It’s not because it’s exceptionally complex (even though the story is muddled at the beginning the Thou’s and thus kept throwing me off). It’s because I could find anything I wanted to write a story about. These are the stories about the Gods, so really the possibilities are endless, but I have yet to read something that just screams out at me. This is not to say I was left without possibilities, if I just push through my need of having inspiration.

For instance, there is a part in the story that a man by the name of Sturdy who gouges out his eye because the image of Shiva’s eye was bleeding. Basically, a sacrifice that not only showed the Brahman Sturdy’s loyalty to Shiva, but what he was willingly to sacrifice to make the God whole again. Which, I found slightly ridiculous because he’ sacrificing his body for the sake of an image. Even though there is a greater meaning behind this it’s hard for me to grasp the idea of someone doing something for someone that they are not guaranteed is real (maybe it’s a crisis of faith, who knows). Anyways, I see the potential of changing Sturdy’s circumstance, making him a wanderer that spreads the word of Shiva. A person that goes place to place and shares the stories of Shiva’s greatness, to share his story of love, for his wife. In other words, sharing the complete truth.  This is the part that I would make up the stories, really go in depth from what I have already read.

Myths of Hindus & Buddhists, Source: Sister Nivedita


2 thoughts on “Wk 7 (Pt A) Reading Diary: Myths of Hindus and Buddhists

  1. Hi Jessica, I was thinking you would use the stories about Shiva’s wives since that is so close to the topic you are doing for your Storybook… if you are going to write about Shiva in a romantic context (that’s what I got from your Introduction the first time; I have not gotten to the revised version yet), then it seems like the stories about Sati and about Uma (Parvati) would be very relevant!
    The Anger of Shiva.
    Daksha and Shiva.
    Uma’s Sport.
    Shiva’s Fishing.
    Those stories are the focus of the Cradle Tales version of these stories too:
    Sati, The Perfect Wife.
    The Tale of Uma Himavutee.


    1. I actually really liked the stories of Uma (Parvati) and Sati. I can really see them working within the what I will be doing. I really wanted to make Kali work, because I find her very fascinating, but like you have said countless times (and i’m just way to stubborn for my own good) it doesn’t. At least not in the way I want it to. I have decided to change the love story from Kali to Parvati. The introduction will be given a complete overhaul. Hopefully, I can get it up to both of our standards. I was just having a rough time picking something I would want to use for this weeks storytelling, but I’ll come up with something. I always do!


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