Wk 6 (Pt D) Reading Diary: The Mahabharata

Victory and Sorrow, Source: The War

I never really found something that I really felt like I could write a story about, in the last part of The Mahabharata. Instead I found snit-bits of things that could work, that when thought about had the potential to be something really exciting. For instance, on pg. 139, Krishna tells Duryodhana that he could not eat the food he was giving him because it may be contaminated with evil. I thought this was a prime opportunity to get dark with The Mahabharata, by introducing poison and making the ending unexpected and harsh. Think Gothic meets The Mahabharata.

Another idea came from pg. 141, when Dhritarashtra gained his eyesight for a brief moment only to beg to be blind again, so not to see the destruction of his race. I don’t know what made me think that this had any potential, but I thought it was a great idea to have someone gain something so beautiful and see destruction with it. I think playing into the supernatural would be beneficial, maybe make him a bling psychic and upon opening his eyes visions bombard him, making it hard for him to do focus.

The third idea for a story has to do with the ending of the book. I was a big supporter and lover of Arjuna throughout the story, and I was sorely disappointed that I found now resolution to his story, in the ending. What happened to Arjuna?  Did he die at the hand of another, or did he rule his own kingdom? All these questions were hanging in the air nagging me to death. I feel, in a lot of this ways this story is about Dhritarashtra and Arjuna, more so than anyone else. The idea of really making them stand from the background (so to speak) and play a bigger role during or after the war is really appealing. Also, giving them a better resolution seems to be in order.

The Mahabharata, Source: R.K. Narayan

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