Wk 6 (Pt C) Reading Diary: The Mahabharata

Draupadi and her husbands, Source: D-P

I only read a few pages of The Mahabharata for today’s reading diary assignment, but it’s safe to say I have tons of story ideas already. The first story idea I came across was one of my favorite ones from the reading so far. *SPOILERS* On page 88 of The Mahabharata, Nakula warns the Pandavas’ not to drink from the pond before answering questions. Each brother dutifully ignored each request and fell over dead. Eventually Yudhistira comes upon his dead brothers and the lake, dying from the thirst he answers Nakula’s grueling questions correctly, therefore reviving his brothers and enjoying the water given to them. Also, Nakula reveals himself to be the God Yama and bestows Yudhistira and the brothers a gift of being invisible *SPOILERS*. I thought this was an excellent part of the story and had great potential to create something pretty memorable and creative. I like the idea of the Lady in the Lake scenario the author goes with, only it’s a male instead of a female. I would really like to focus on Nakula and the story that made him an essential part of The Mahabharata. I would like the concept to switch from the Pandava brothers to Duryodhana and his siblings.  Maybe the idea of them demanding Nakula (aka Yama) to give them a gift and for their selfish request they get a curse instead of help, a curse that destroys any possibility of happiness. Then possibly go into one important instance that shaped Duryodhana and his brothers.

The other snit-bit I stumbled on really could change Draupadi for the worst. Compared to the last storytelling I did it would completely undo the strength and goodness I set up for Draupadi. This is a prime opportunity to showcase Draupadi’s powers, from the first storytelling.  On page 97 of The Mahabharata, Draupadi is a scene as an evil spirit because Bhima (who is basically undercover) kills Kichaka for assaulting Draupadi, and because it was her husband (She lied and said she was married to five gandharvas and instead of the Pandavas) they seen her as an evil spirit. This evil spirit moment gives me the opportunity to capitalize on the fire power in the first storytelling. The idea is to make Draupadi to lose herself in her powers and become the evil that is discussed in the book. It is with the death of Kichaka (by her hands) and the resulting ostracizing that makes her fall into despair and anger, resulting in the death of the King and Queen. Then she steals the throne and rules the city with an iron fist. It is through her loss of faith, humility and her general kindness that makes her a benevolent character and someone the Pandavas must destroy for the sake of not only that kingdom, but others.

The Mahabharata, Source: R.K. Narayan


4 thoughts on “Wk 6 (Pt C) Reading Diary: The Mahabharata

  1. Hi Jessica, just a quick note since I was not quite sure what you meant there: by all means take notes that are most likely to help you on your storytelling, focusing on your favorite characters/scenes… but the Mahabharata is a continuous narrative; you need to do all the reading for Part C so that you will be ready to do the final chapters for Part D. I wasn’t quite sure if you had done all the reading or not…?


    1. I just meant that I wasn’t able to read as far as I usually do. I get off work at 11pm tonight and I was going to finish reading Part C so tomorrow I can do part D. Sorry for the confusion.


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