*Thoughts About Comments*

I’m not 100% certain that I’m doing okay with my comments. I feel as if my comments are lacking something compared to others I have read. I try to give constructive criticism, but I also don’t want to destroy what someone has created (I have had that happened to me before, and it’s completely heartbreaking. P.s. it wasn’t in this class). So, I feel as if I can’t be helpful, but I can’t be to nice either. This is a learning process, after all. I need to work on that balance and really just put out their what needs to be said.

What makes comments really engaging is intuitiveness. If a person can see past the flaws and to the heart of the matter, that really shows a different perspective. I also think that what makes comments engaging, is the ability to find the larger meaning and read into the story (or post) with a careful eye. Basically, the ability to really dissect the story. What people could do to make their comments be memorable, is not to completely cave into the mentality of being kind to others, to the point they do not know what is wrong with their post. Like I said, it’s a learning process and constructive criticism helps to teach the person the mistakes they need to fix, the next time. The comments that speak to me are the comments that have found that healthy balance of criticism and kindness. After all, you don’t want to destroy someone’s hard work, but you don’t necessarily want to stifle their learning.


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