Wk 5 (Pt B) Reading Diary: The Mahabharata


The Unfortunate Dice Game, Source: The Mahabharata

It is a sad day when a slew of characters gets roped into a truly horrendous dice game. With Yudhistira’s sheer stupidity and the other Pandava’s lack of backbone, especially with the concern of their shared wife. I have found this part of the book especially bothersome. Mocked, ridiculed and especially vulgar with the wife. I find that to really not only make myself happy and less angry, re-writing this unfortunate dice game in the favor of the Pandava’s to be my only option. I think that Draupadi and her virtue was a very powerful part at this point in the story (and the fact the Gods helped her to be protected) made her a very likable and strong character. After all, she is the only person that stood up to the Dhritarashtra sons. Therefore, I would like her to become a part of a pivotal point in making the dice game go in the favor of the Pandava siblings. In keeping with the tone of the book, thus far, I would also like fire to be introduced in a way that caused the death of the Dhritarashtra sons. Possibly, with every dice game one on the Pandava’s brothers a son dies, eventually culminating in Dhritarashtra saving the “jackal”, Duryodhana (his favorite son). In turn, this would cause Dhritarashtra to be exiled to the wilderness with his blindness toward the nature of people and the son’s wickedness. This would cause the Pandava’s to win the greatest dice game ever witness and the greatest victory, as well. Then maybe leaving the option of having a sequel to the story for the second half of storytelling.

The Mahabharata, Source: R.K. Narayan


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