*Comment Wall*

Puns will never be not funny, Source: Puns

Pls. Leave me comments, because despite this picture I’m perfectly normal…

Funny Laughing Meme Guy, Source:Closed Down.

I had to show my support, TWD is one of my favorite shows!

Song: Radioactive by: Imagine Dragons

“The Walking Dead || RADIOACTIVE” video at Youtube



15 thoughts on “*Comment Wall*

  1. Jessica,

    I am gonna be honest. I am randomly clicking blogs from the directory and landed on yours for the video comments assignment. At first I thought about finding another blog because I couldn’t find the way to your comment wall. But I am glad I did because that is a legit video! I love love love the walking dead and that song. It was really cool to see that video. Thanks for sharing!



  2. Hi Jessica!
    I remembered your blog from the first time I commented, so when we had to find blogs we admired, you were one of my first thoughts! I love the colorful background you’ve chosen and how well it compliments the simplicity of the text layout. So beautiful!


  3. Hi, Jessica!

    I really love the way your blog is step up. It looks like you have been working with blogs for a while. On thing I really love about your blog is the way that your labels are set up. I like the variation in sizes and how they are scattered! I would like to have that in my blog!


  4. Jessica your blog is one of my favorites. I love the template that you chose and the font style. I think it goes well with the theme of our course, and it’s easy on the eyes. I am able to navigate through your page without getting lost (thank you). I am really fond of it, and the picture you chose for your comment wall.


  5. Hey! I wanted to let you know that your blog really caught my eye. I love your background picture and the overall feel of the blog. I think your font choice is great – simple yet fun.


  6. Hello, Jessica. I was perusing through random blogs and wanted to leave a comment to compliment you on yours. I really like how each post isn’t displayed in its entirety, but rather only a small snippet. This makes it much easier to scroll through your blog and find what you are looking for. The first thing that caught my attention, though, was your beautiful background. It is so bright and colorful and it does an excellent job pulling my eyes in towards the content of your blog. Great choice!


  7. Jessica,
    Your storybook profile looks great! It has that god and goddess vibe in it. Your selection of background for your storybook must be the key in my view. After reading your introduction, I am really excited for you and I can’t wait what is in store. The letter form Shiva gives the strength and power of Shiva but also his deep side of the story. I wonder what that secret is. This is also scary when the god of the gods is saying that he has a ever-growing need to cause destruction to the world that tortured his own existence. Kali in the story seemed like an emotional god deeply in love with Shiva. You also have very sharp image in your storybook that catches the eyes of the viewers. I was entertained with what I read and I will surely come back to see what you have for us in near future. I wish you all the best. Good job!


  8. Hey Jessica!
    Wow! I really liked how you organized this introduction. I enjoyed knowing the background of this storybook with the ‘characters, side characters, and settings’ points. Your two letters from Shiva and Kali were very creative! Shiva’s letter first came off as egotistic (typical god, right? Lol), and then it got to the secret stuff – which was so intriguing! Kali’s letter had that “long lost love” feel, which I absolutely loved. I noticed in Kali’s letter it says “I was I love once,” and I think it should read “I was in love once.” You picture choice was great – I always like putting a face to a name (especially with the confusing Indian names). The last line “I do believe we were our own destruction” was probably my favorite part of the whole intro – it really grabs your attention, gives the romance/tragedy feel/and makes you want to keep on reading! This intro really caught my attention, and I am so ready to read the rest of it!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hi there, Jessica!

    I’m here to leave a comment after checking out your storybook! I am really interested in how you are going to format the rest of your project! I liked the sort of letter based style you used towards the end of your introduction, and I think it would be really cool to see you follow that style all the way through. I was in the Myth/Folklore class last semester, and I never saw anyone do anything like that. Very creative!

    Both of your letters had really strong final lines, which I loved! I think it’s great to use that final sentence to keep your reader wanting to know more, and both of yours definitely did that. I think the “I do believe we were our own destruction” was probably my favorite line throughout your entire introduction! What a powerful way to end your narrative and pull the reader in. I will definitely be coming back to check out your next story!

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