Gods and Goddesses: Styles Brainstorm

Shiva & Kali, Source: (Best photo I could find-Source deleted site)

Topic: I decided to choose Gods and Goddesses as My Storybook, Notably Shiva. I have become completely fascinated by Shiva and his character within The Ramayana. So much so, I have found it’s completely necessary of me to look up the character and create a story out of Shiva’s own. In other words, create a story that works well within the main story of Shiva and maybe adding a few touches of The Ramayana in there, as well. I think getting an overall idea from the site Hindu God Shiva, will help me to not only understand Shiva, but tell a story worthy of the God himself. I’m also very open to the idea of including Hindu Goddess Kali (love her!) and others because I believe they are fascinating and have some great stories that can come from them.  I chose both of these Hindu figures because I think they could really come together to create not only a dark story, but something unexpected.


1) Kali: The Dark Mother. Website: About.com (Hinduism)

2) Shiva. Website: Sanatan Society-Hindu God and Goddesses

Possible Styles:

Frametale. I really like the idea of the frametale because I want to stay true to the Indian epic we have read so far. A lot of the individual stories within The Ramayana have this very dramatic ending. Either heroes or heroines win or die.  I want to keep the drama, because the idea of saying oh my gosh I did not expect that ending, or they had to learn a lesson in a really hard way. Either through karma or simply through the actions of others. The idea of giving it a dramatic ending I think is something that makes the epic story so lasting, and such a good story.

Twist the Ending/Characters. As you know from my storytelling assignments. I love to have a twist to an ending, actually I love to twist the story around all together. I think by really working with Shiva and Kali, I can twist their story to be something completely different. (Hmm, someone may be human (*shhh*). I really think to give a place for Shiva and Kali that are a more pivotal role in Indian storytelling, I would have to twist the ending, I would have to twist the characters.

Divine Observer. With the story route I’m going Divine Observer would be the logical choice, but I don’t want this “observer” to be the title characters. That’s why I was thinking of possibly bringing in another God or Goddess to tell the story, but tell it in a way that the focus doesn’t stay on them, but Shiva and Kali. I don’t know about this one. It would take me thinking long and hard about what I can do to fit the person within a story without necessarily taking away from the main vocal points.

New Epic. I know New Epic isn’t an option for storytelling styles, but I really wanted to create something that would be completely new to the genre, something no one would have thought of. I think a new epic option would be wonderful for both Kali and Shiva, because both of these Goddesses and Gods do not have a central in epics, but they play bit roles. They are discussed, but not in detail. The reader doesn’t know much about them (If at all) and I think by giving them their own separate story would add not only validity to the well-known Indian epics, but really give the reader a certain perspective of why they are feared, appreciated, and even worshiped.

P.s. I about lost my marbles over the Doctor Who option..I wish I could make it work, with what i’m wanting to do…ahhh!


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