Wk 3 (Pt D) Reading Diary,continued: Narayan’s Ramayana

god rama with hanuman 003.png
Hanuman & Rama, Source: The Ramayana

Reading the last chapters of R.K. Narayan’s shortened version of The Ramayana, I found it difficult to really find sections of the story that I can withdraw from and create something new/different.  Luckily, I was able to discover something that could be easily passed over as not have much importance. On page 118 (I feel like Snape…minus the number). There is a mentioning of a goddess with no name. She had fallen from grace from an unknown mistake she had made. That’s when my head exploded with ideas. Because she is so open to interpretation, you could really, truly have creative license. Not to mention, you can make her have a more central role in the story of Rama. I really like the idea of finishing my last re-telling, to be something completely fresh to a classic India epic. Then again, it would take a massive amount of work to really tell a story that could be connected to the world of Hanuman, Rama, and Sita. It’s just something I would really have to think about, and factor in the time it will take to make a brand new character. The foundation is set; it just needs to be fine-tuned.

Another part of the story that I rather enjoyed and honestly saw some orneriness and humor. Is when Hanuman undertakes the destruction of Lanka, to show Ravana he was there (not to mention to get caught). I took an instant liking to Hanuman and really began to think about the possibility of having him undertake a practical joker role, a role that would ultimately end up in him dying (by the hand of Ravana) or being taught a lesson (by Rama). There is some hilarity to Hanuman, and I think if done correctly could really add a sense of lightness and humor to an otherwise serious story.

R.K. Narayan, The Ramayana


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