Wk3 Tech Tip:Tumblr

I don’t know if I mentioned this but I’m an avid Tumblr user. At first I was horrified by the idea of site. I mean, who honestly cares about posting a dozen photos of cats eating cheeseburgers (oh, yes there are those blogs).  No one, so I put it off for days, months, years.. Yes, years. I had made my account in 2009, and didn’t touch it till early 2014. Deciding to give myself a chance, I started slow posting writings and etc. Then I built upon those 6 followers by not only finding like minds and interests. It was within a few minutes it became a silent community. I didn’t get messages (and I was okay with that, still am), but you have those few followers that you build a relationship with by displaying mutual interests, by blogging mutual interests. This may not be a tech tip, but I’m telling you this because to build a successful (or at least mildly successful Tumblr) you have to find your niche you have to find what you are so interested in (obsessed with if you will) and stick within that niche, then slowly branch yourself out. By gaining yourself followers, you are gaining the ability to broaden what you post.

The tech tip aspect of Tumblr, is to be seen as a true tumblr-ite. The blog layout is necessary. A well organized and professional looking blog, will gain you followers. Why? This is because before they follow they will ultimately look at what you offer and how your blog displays what you offer. If it is neat and organized, it will show the quality of photos and etc displayed on it. Then in turn you must be willing to look for blogs of quality as well. So you can re-blog, if you begin to post bad gifs/photos you will lose those followers you worked so hard to get. Another thing is, if you wish to edit/Photoshop your own photos you must save it as PNG. PNG is the best way to save a heavily edited (or even slightly edited photo) it doesn’t cause the photo to get grainy like JPG or JPEG. The quality  will get you a long way on Tumblr and creativity will get you even further. After you have established your blog, it gives you freedom to post what ever silly, messed up, flying taco cat photo you want.

P.S. If your anything like me you will obtain more than one blog. (oops :P) and that’s okay it just gives you more exposure.

My Main Tumblr-Wholockian-Nerd (4,000+ followers)

Secondary Tumblr-Wholockian-Bookblog (200+ followers)

Seasonal Blog #1-Wholockian-HallowsFall (10 followers)

Seasonal Blog #2-HollyJolly-Wholockian (11 followers)



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