Wk 3 (Pt C) Reading Diary : Narayan’s Ramayana

The Final Showdown, Source: Sugreeva & Vali

Upon reading a few parts of The Ramayana (Part C) I was struck by the story of the Vali and Sugreeva. Their story of epic misunderstanding, betrayal, and rash decisions struck a chord. Not only that, but it inspired me to really considered doing a modern twist of their story. Which considering the subject material wouldn’t be a hard task, because it is an easy undertaking I will have to come up with something even more unique and surprising. Which is when I would like to bring in some aspects of Mayavi’s character into the story. If you remember Mayavi is the demon with “protruding fangs and odious features” (Narayan 93) who challenged Vali and came back to attack Sugreeva. It’s just an idea, but bringing in Mayavi and that fantasy element and really playing with it. Could give the sibling story a certain edge. There are really a lot of ways to play with a story of fighting brother. I  just have to be mindful of cliché’s and making it different than the original story (but not so different, it doesn’t fit into the India storytelling).

I also rather enjoyed what Rama says about friends (and etc.) “We should not become to analytical about a friend, nor look too deeply into original causes; but accept only what appears good to us in the first instance, and act on it” (Narayan 99). This really inspired me to make Mayavi a brother, instead of a villain.  Also, really applying the words Rama says to Mayavi’s  character. There is a lot to play with this story, which really makes me excited about what I could create!

R.K. Narayan, The Ramayana





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