Wk 2-Topics

I’m really liking the options that we have for our research project. It was hard to choose just one, but I have to go with what my gut says, and what dynamic I’m most interested in.

Heroes & Heroines, Source: Heroes

My first choice is Heroes and Heroines. I have always been interested in different aspects of the Hero/Heroines story. What i Mean is, I find it interesting how each sex goes about their heroic acts differently. It’s all what circumstances led them to make a choose within the moment.I like to explore the dynamics of both characters to understand how women and men differ in the story. I have always been curious about why people do the things they do. This would give me an opportunity to really dive in deep, to the minds of individuals.

In all likelihood, I will use the resources Professor Gibbs has graciously offered. I believe that looking at the overall picture of heroes and heroines will give me a broader/better understanding of the human psyche. It will also give me a prime opportunity to really compare how different each sex is (in the stories). Heroes & Heroines

The God Shiva, Source:Deities

The second choice I made is Gods and Goddesses. There is something magical that comes with the mentioning of Gods and Goddesses, something fantastical. I chose this particular subject for that reason. I want to know MORE about the Gods that the mention throughout Indian stories, that way I know why they fear or love them. I think it would help me, overall, to understand the bigger picture or the severity of a problem. I specifically want to learn more about Shiva, because he is mentioned quite a bit throughout The Ramayanya, which made me really curious about her story. So, when I saw the link to the Wikipedia story of Shiva I jumped on the opportunity to research the God and how he is a persistent staple in the story about Rama. ShivaHindu God:ShivaLord Shiva

Ravana & Sita, Source: The Fallen Saint

The third choice I made is Ravana and the Demons. This is another case of really trying to understand The Ramayana and everything it has to offer. By learning about the Rakshasas it will not only give me a better understanding of the story, but a better understanding of Indian culture, storytelling and religion. That is main reason why I love the idea of researching about different deities, notably Ravana and the demons.

Not only do I plan on using the information that the professor has offered us, but I plan on using information I found on other sights that really tell a lot about Ravana, who is somewhat of a mystery in The Ramayana (so far). RavanaRavana & the DemonsHindu MythologyDemon

The Power of Karma, Source: Karma

Lastly, I chose Karma. Seeing as I’m a firm believer in Karma. I thought it would really be neat to understand not only the true meaning of it, but how it applies to everyday life. I believe that Karma is a very valuable life tool, it determines what actions you will and can take. It also, shows that you will have consequences to whatever action you do take either in the past, present or future.

I used Google to really look up valuable links to the belief system of Karma, and Hindu religion. Which will not only broaden the meaning of the word within a specific religion, but how it has become universally known as a symbol of getting what you give out to the universe (if that makes any sense). The Theory of KarmaKarma in HinduismThe Law of KarmaKarma





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