Wk 2 (Pt A) Reading Diary : Narayan’s Ramayana

The Ramayana, Source: Rama, Viswamithra, and Lakshmana

Through their long journey of heroism. Rama and his brother Lakshmana have accomplished great things. It is within these great accomplishments that Sage Viswamithra tells them stories about different people, those people in turn is what leads the brothers to greatness. Upon, reading each story there wasn’t a multitude of things I liked, but instead a specific thing. For instance, in Ganga’s story I enjoyed knowing that she transforms her surroundings (the rivers and etc.). While, in Ahalaya’s story I rather enjoyed how her beauty played a part in her suffering, just like Sita’s surely will in the third half of the reading.

It is an idea, but I don’t know if I will go through with it, I think that Ahalaya’s mesmerizing beauty and Ganga’s gifts would be a great layout of a story based on the supernatural. For example, Ahalaya’s beauty could be transformed into a gift of magic that can get her anything she wants, except what she wants most which is control over water and the grounds. Therefore, the humanized version of Ahalaya murders who is standing in her way (Ganga). Little does Ahalaya know Ganga cannot be so easily defeated because she becomes one with her surroundings. This leads to Ahalaya’s untimely demise from the elemental power she seeks. Basically, I would cut out the tragedies The Ramayana has come up with both characters and create one that has both characters together.

It’s a very complex idea and It would be an idea that would take quite a while to flesh out, to where it makes sense. Also, where it could stay true to the originality of both stories and how the characters are. I would have to think long and hard about whether I want to dive into the complexity of the storytelling.

R.K. Narayan, The Ramayana


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