Wk 2 (Pt B) Reading Diary : Narayan’s Ramayana

Rama, Sita and Lakshmana, Source:Rama in the Forest

I had my highlighter ready for instance to highlight something I particularly liked. The only problem I have run into is I liked all of it! It was a very entertaining story of a hero, thrown into circumstances beyond his control. Then making the best out of the situation. There are also many ways I could go into re-writing a story. The two that stood out the most, to me, was the part where Soorpanaka was shockingly injured by Lakshmana. I understood why it happened to Soorpanaka, it was just really severe. In general, I think I could really work out her aspect of the story, in a way that would really give a twist to the entire story. I also was struck by Mareecha and his transformation into a golden jeweled deer, it felt reminiscent of Harry Potter and I really think I can draw inspiration from JK Rowling’s book to connect Mareecha together and maybe even give Mareecha a different outcome.

For example, when Soorpanaka pretty much seals herself away in the cave and begins to hallucinate about Rama, I can play with Mareecha being a sage of some sort that are causing her to hallucinate. Therefore, the golden/jeweled deer thing is a hallucination on part of Sita, Rama and Lakshmana. To lure them to the woods were Ravana is waiting. I haven’t really thought much about how Ravana will play into the picture, but I really like the fact that he is the big villain (so far). It’s going to be fun to write about him, and really explore why he wants them lured to the forest. Also, the reasoning behind Mareecha’s conniving attitude to the other characters.

There is so much potential in the Part B reading assignment that my mind is buzzing with all the possibilities! I can’t wait!

R.K. Narayan, The Ramayana


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