Wk1-Growth Mindset

I have never heard of Carol Dweck and/or the growth mindset, I wish I had because it make sense to how people accomplish different things. Also, it really shows how different personalities function,  and how its connected with their mindset. When it comes to school and school work I’m fixed with how I despise failure, therefore I stick with what I know. Other than that I have a more growth mindset. As I’m always taking extra effort on my work, some would say I work to hard. I say I don’t work hard enough. I either go full force or not at all. Ever since I was little I have loved learning and even though I started college later than most, I never lost that. I think in a way you have to have both, but you shouldn’t be so fixed in the way you think you don’t learn anything new.

What I have learned being at OU is that I can learn about subjects relatively fast. Being a Liberal Studies major, it also gives you so much freedom that you can get lost a little. It has taught me to be responsible, aware, and learn quicker because the classes aren’t usually a full semester. My biggest challenge I face with learning new things is that I need to remember those things, even if I do find it boring or dull. I know it doesn’t make much sense, but if I don’t like the subject, I kind of bury the information and forget about it.

My personal goals for this semester is to finally get on the Presidential Honor Roll, and I’m actually incredibly excited about this class! I don’t know much about India culture or stories, so it would be nice to know how their storytelling differs from our own. It’s a great opportunity to really see their contributions to the arts. I think that growth mindset could really help me become a better learner and teach me how I can apply my personality traits to help me with my education.


Ganges- Cover
Fixed, Growth Mindset, Source: Mindset

One thought on “Wk1-Growth Mindset

  1. I think that you are already better off than a lot of college students who simply forget anything that they have learnt during the previous semester. I have been guilty of such habits myself. One of the most significant ideas related to the growth mindset is that it encourages one to build on their knowledge rather than “bury it”, as you mentioned, in favor of more exciting and supposedly relevant information.


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