Week 1-Overview

The Ramayana I plan on reading in week 2 is R.K. Narayan’s and I chose it not only because I actually own the story, but also because it has a reading guide that will help manage each of the four portions. 

The most intriguing topics, thus far, in this class is the idea of “stories from Stories”.  I think the idea is to really broaden not only my mind, but many other people at the moment. It’s so intriguing because never have I had a class that you can build upon a story already written for readers. You have to be really creative and be of the mindset it will be passed down from generations. Just like it would be in Indian culture.

I have never taken a course about epic literature, mainly because I have never had the opportunity before now. I’am an avid reader and I was always fascinated by Indian stories since I watch the movie The Little Princess as a child (it was one of my favorite movies, actually). As far as me liking epic movies and/or television it really depends on the type of movie. For example, I really didn’t like the movie Lord of the Rings (I’m sorry!Don’t hurt me!), it was hard for me too get passed the Hobbits goofiness and all the miles of walking. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. On the other hand, I have Schindler’s List, which is one of the movies that will stay with you long after you watch it. It’s truly frightening, realistic, heartbreaking, hopeful it’s epic in his portrayal of showing the truth.

Along with never have taken a class about epic literature, I have sadly never taken a class about mythology, but when I think of mythology I think of  a set of books that are connected with one another. These books aren’t steeped in factual, but are deep in the fantastical. For example, The story may be about a three headed orange dragon.



Sita Vanavasa: Sita in exile; Ravi Varma Press.
(L0021787 Credit: Gibbs Blogspot)
In the image above I do recognize the lady that has been put into exile. I do, on the other hand, love this piece of art. I have always been fascinated by portraits. It is commonly known that eyes are a window to the soul and I believe that some of that soul has  been given to the artists artwork. That’s why we feel the emotions of the person in a painting and so on.

One thought on “Week 1-Overview

  1. Oh, wow, Jessica, I have a recommendation for you to read in the second half of the semester that I am sure you will like (based on what you said about Schindler’s List) – it is a modernized version of Sita’s story: The Missing Queen … it is a brand-new book by a contemporary Indian author. Anyway, you can see what you think as you move along through the class… but when we get to the second half of the semester, take a look at that and see what you think. I am about 100% sure you would like it a lot, especially since you even chose this beautiful and sad image of Sita to include in your post here. That could definitely be a picture of Sita as her story is told in Arni’s novel.


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