Storybook Favorites

Epic Tales of Birth and Death Storybook #1: I would say that yes that birth and death is very familiar to me. Deep discussion of life and death is the perfect epic tale and the introduction really delivers on telling what is going to happen, without making it fell bogged down. There is not much creative style in the introduction. No pictures, nothing. Even though it may lack creativity it’s still very pleasant to look at.

Hindu Goddesses Hindu Goddesses I’m far more familiar with the Greek god’s and Goddesses. It’s shameful how very little we are taught in the United States about Indian culture. Specifically, goddess and Hindu believes. Does a fantastic job of making sure the the title and so on are the exact same. It makes you want to read more just to see how the goddess fairs and what they make of all the chaos. I awesome creative style right off the bat, it was an interesting layout and really well organized. It also made it more interesting to look at. It makes me excited to know more and makes me feel as if I’m getting reliable information.

Ganges- Cover
Goddess Ganga: Hindu Goddesses
  Law and Order Shape Shifters Unit Law & Order: SSUFrom the countless, movies, TV shows, and books that contains shape shifters, I would say I’m pretty well versed in shape shifting. Also, I love the show, in which, it was named after. This all means its extremely familiar to me. Despite the familiarity of the title, it didn’t tell me what to expect. It’s creative, but not fully developed. In the case of this storybook the design/layout makes me think that the story was written in a hurry, not a lot of effort was taken in making it look special or interesting. What I saw was a lack of creative style, instead of finding a medium they put nothing into it.

There are a few creative ideas that I will employee of these Storybooks I like the creative writing aspect of the last story, the design of the second one and cleanliness of the first one. The navigation on all of these layout are rather good, the only real problem I see is the last storybook does not have a site map which greatly reduces the time to look for a certain section (especially if you add more left).


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