Introduction to a Fan-girl

Hello, everyone! My name is Jessica and I’m a senior at Oklahoma University (I will be graduating later this year!). I’m a Liberal Studies in Arts major, who plans on continuing on with my graduate degree in Museum Studies. I was a transfer student from Cameron University and after some long, hard work I was able to transfer to my dream school. So, to graduate Sooner is a huge thing for me, makes me tear up just thinking about it.

I didn’t originally go out to work in the world of art. I was bent on being a English major and write the next big novel. Alas (yes, alas) that was not meant to be. Once I started my Liberal Studies I fell in love with learning about all sorts of cultures and the art they represent (and etc) I knew that is what I wanted my career to consist of. I have been incredibly lucky to have taken some pretty amazing classes and could never choose just one I like the most, but I do have a few that made me grind my teeth in boredom and terror.

Sherlock Fan-Art: DeviantArt

Enough, of school related chit-chat, we hear it all the time. I’d like to consider myself an avid reader (even though I’m already slacking on my Goodreads challenge this year), I have no doubt I will finish or at least get really close to finishing. I usually tend to go towards YA novels, even though about ten years passed the “acceptable” age of reading them. I’m also head over heels for Doctor Who and Sherlock. I also have no shame in saying I have a Doctor Who collection. I’m going to wrap this up and just say ALLON-SY! and lets have a FANTASTIC class!

“Take Me To Church [Doctor Who]” video at Youtube



12 thoughts on “Introduction to a Fan-girl

  1. Hello again Jessica, I was just revisiting some of the blogs for people that I have already contacted in order to check up on any new developments with your blog. I hope that your semester has been going well and that you have continued to enjoy your major and your time at OU. I look forward to reading some more of your stories.


  2. Hello Jessica,
    It is nice to virtually meet you! I am loving the video you put on this page. I am a fan of Dr. Who also. Your blog page is really neat and fun. The design and background are really original. I have really enjoyed reading your story and learning a bit about you. Good luck with all you do in life and future goals. I look forwards to someday seeing you write the next great novel (and reading it!) as well as all the other great things you will accomplish!


  3. Jessica, I absolutely love your blog background and how it looks! I actually mentioned it in my Week 8 Blog Reflection’s Post; check it out on my blog if you’d like at You did a great job! I also love reading but I can hardly find time during the school year ): I am sad that I am just now “meeting” you during Week 8. Also, Congratulations on your graduation this year!


    1. I know! It’s so horrible, I haven’t met half the class yet. It makes me sad 😦 thank you so much! Your incredibly sweet. It’s extremely difficult to find the time to read, I try to catch up on breaks but even that is a task. Thanks! I can’t wait to finally graduate 🙂 ❤


  4. Girl! I can completely feel you on graduating this year! OU was always my dream school too so it will be very exciting to graduate as a Sooner! I just have to say how jealous I was by how great you set up your blog! Not only are you creatively writing but you have a gift for art itself and it’s awesome that you’re going towards your passion! Congrats in all that you do and hope to know you more through the blogs!


  5. Nice to meet you Jessica!
    It is always nice to see people pursuing their passion, even if it means changing the plan they had set for them self. I admire that. I have never seen Sherlock or Doctor Who, but I have many friends who are die hard fans, so I might have to try them out!
    Congratulations on making it this far (and graduating this year, yay!!!)


  6. Hi Jessica,

    Congrats on figuring out where you wanted to spend your time studying! I tried Goodreads for a while, but I would make lists that would overwhelm me. So, I am trying to just keep hand written lists of books I want to read. I love Sherlock Holmes. I think Benedict Cumberbatch has done the best job at playing Sherlock. I wish new episodes would come out soon. I have a 6 year old cousin who is obsessed with Doctor Who. He made his sister be his Tardis for Halloween. Nice meeting you and I look forward to reading more of your stuff soon!


    1. Thank you so much! I didn’t expect to fall in love with culture and art it just happened! I also haven’t a written list just in case my phone or internet goes wonky. Oh! I complete the Cumberbatch is a really wonderful actor and not hard on the eyes either. That is adorable! When I was a teacher’s assistant I knew quite a few kids who loved the show. It’s so great to have something on television that can cross generations.


  7. Hello Jessica. That’s great that you were able to realize your dream of studying at OU. And you are even studying something that seem really passionate about which does not always happen so congratulations. I have watched quite a bit of both shows and I have to say that I prefer Sherlock. I feel like those types of mystery stories just keep my attention and create suspense.


    1. Thank you so much, I feel incredibly lucky to have discovered something love. Ah! At least you have watched both! I could never choose my one or the others. There is to many good things about the both of them.


  8. Jessica,
    Congrats on your nearing graduation! I graduate this year as well. I can feel you excitement. I read your storytelling and you are a great writer! I am sure that you could do great as an author too if you ever decided to go back to that route. I have never been a big reader like you are, but recently I have tried to pick up more books and read. I have found it easier for me to read if I read books that I can learn from. Still haven’t found a way to get into fiction books yet. Thanks for sharing!


  9. Jessica,
    It is nice to meet you. I’m glad that you’re choosing to study and do something that you love. I believe it makes life worthwhile in the end. I was recently introduced to the Goodreads app by my co-worker is also a HUGE Doctor Who fan. She wears a tardis on her lanyard, and has a blue makeup bag with a picture of the tardis on it. I have not seen any episodes yet, but from many I hear it’s a great show. I wish you the best this semester, and I hope to read more of your work.


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