Favorite Places:Oceanside, Great Wolf, and Medicine Park

I decided to choose the places that I talk about the most, missed the most, and wish to go back to.

Oceanside, California. One of my all time favorite places to have ever visited. I first went to Oceanside when I graduated high school in 2007, it was a graduation gift from my sister. I stayed out in California for a month or so, but I was also incredibly homesick. So, I came back and a year later I was given an opportunity to once again visit Oceanside. Oh, and that’s when I found home. One day, I was just looking at the ocean and it clicked, I love it here. There was miles of sandy beaches and no matter where you went (in the little towns with Oceanside and etc) you were only about thirty minutes away from the ocean. I lived on a Marine base with my sister, which they had their own private beach. It’s just breathtaking, no photos could ever due it justice.


Oceanside, California Coastline: Festival of Colors

Great Wolf Lodge-Grapevine, Texas. If you know me, you know I’m a big kid at heart and this place completely satisfies my kid-like urges. I sadly, only stayed one night. That was a night that I will remember forever. I have never had so much fun with a hotel before. They have an indoor water park, shows, spa’s and anything you could ever ask for. My family and I never wanted to leave, and we always talk about going back.

Great Wolf Lodge: Grapevine, Texas

Medicine Park, Oklahoma. Lastly, is a place I have visited over a dozen times and I never get tired of. Medicine Park is a little town tucked away by “mountains”, it has the tiniest little shops and a rich history (Bonnie and Clyde stayed there!). It has this really relaxing feel and has not lost the charm of what it was to be living in the early 1900’s. It’s one of my favorite places to just be. The scenery is gorgeous, and the people are so kind. Incredibly charming!

Medicine Park, Oklahoma: Pinterest.com





2 thoughts on “Favorite Places:Oceanside, Great Wolf, and Medicine Park

  1. Thank you Laura! I looked up India art and this is what I got, I absolutely love it! The colors are so beautiful. I left California in 2008. I miss it every day. I agree, I always talk about going back. As corny as this sounds once you give your heart to Cali, you never get it back. ❤ It really is, it's just a beautiful place. It's a hidden gem and it's more known around the area I'm in. I'am a Pinterest user (or was) I haven't really logged on in ages.


  2. Oh, Jessica, California! I left there in 1999 when I got my job at University of Oklahoma… but I still miss it. I need a dose of the Pacific Ocean! Let’s hope we both get to make a visit to California sooner rather than later! And I can’t believe I have never heard of Medicine Park before… that sounds like so much fun, and what a great picture! I see it came from Pinterest. Are you a Pinterest user? If so, you’ll want to make a Pinterest Board for this class: it is such a great tool for collecting images that you might want to use in your stories! 🙂
    Your blog looks LOVELY too: what a nice background! Super!

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